cooking summary - march

March 2021 / cooking

Overall I made 23 things in March.

March 1

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (Dinner)

These were interesting - the marinade (with fancy new balsamic) emulsified really well, and I put the full amount on half the mushrooms (oops!). The mushrooms were kind of soggy, but still just fine.

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March 2

Corned Beef (Dinner)

With Mini Hasselback Potatoes

The potatoes were a hit! Also the corned beef. Basically everything.

March 5

Sheet-Pan Kielbasa With Cabbage and Beans (Dinner)

I've cooked this 3 times before

March 6


I followed Serious Eats How to Cook Beans to cook Rancho Gordo Chickpeas and they turned out great! I used about half of them in the Pasta e Ceci, and ate most of the rest just by the handful.

Pasta e Ceci (Pasta With Chickpeas) (Dinner)

With crab

Well received, everyone liked and ate the bean pasta. It was rich, even though it's pretty simple. I'd totally make this again, even with the time it took to make my own chickpeas.

There was a bunch of crab left - for the first time, it was maybe a sign that people liked the pasta?

March 7

Greek-Style Chicken Kebabs with Lemon and Oregano (Dinner)

I've cooked this 4 times before

Chicken resting in front of a hot grill pan

Zov's Hummus (Side)

I've cooked this 11 times before

March 8

Roasted Spring Onions (Side)

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March 10

Fried Eggs (Breakfast)

With my sourdough

I've cooked this 6 times before

March 11

Skillet Chicken With Black Beans, Rice and Chiles (Dinner)

The main was a hit - the skin got nice and crispy, everyone (including kids) ate it and there was enough for lunch the next day.

From my local grocery, 3.5lbs of chicken thighs was 7 thighs (recipe wanted 8). We ate 4.5 thighs. My kids are young (3 & 5), I'm a bit nervous about what happens when they get older. Will I need to double the recipe just for dinner?

Kale (Side)

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March 12

Rosemary-Brined Pork Chops with Apples and Potatoes (Dinner)

With Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe and rice

Maybe a bit less salt in the brine next time? I liked it, though. Have to think about that one.

The Brussels are great with this recipe. Super easy. They looked like they were burning at 13 minutes, but I stuck with it until 20 and they were great.

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March 15

Corned Beef (Dinner)

Followed the package instructions on the corned beef (I've made my own, but not today).

I've cooked this just once before

March 17

Pasta alla Norcina (Creamy Pasta With Sausage) (Dinner)

With roasted cauliflower

The reviews: I didn't think this was going to be good, but it's great! Not sure why the initial hate, but I'll take the second. Nice and easy too. I skipped a bunch of steps in the sausage (including resting it, I only had 20 minutes for it to be in the fridge), and used chicken stock instead of white wine.

The cauliflower also turned out well. My usual today at 400°, but it was a small head so there was more space to roast. I only turned it twice so they were nice and crispy.

March 19

Roasted Chicken (Dinner)

With roasted potatoes

Perfect Roasted Chicken (from Ruhlman's Twenty

About 30 minutes in I stashed potatoes around the chicken in the 12" cast iron skillet I was using. I let them keep roasting while the chicken was resting- probably 55 minutes total. They were pretty great.

The chicken recipe was pretty good, too. No turning or anything.

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March 21

Amelia’s “Restaurant” Potatoes with Frizzled Onions (Side)

I made it in a cast iron skillet. It took a bit longer than the recipe indicated, maybe a bit over an hour, but it was great.

March 22

Skillet Chicken and Rice With Anchovies and Olives (Dinner)

With Panic carrots

I liked the chicken- even with a few substitutions (a hazy IPA instead of a dry white wine, water instead of chicken broth) it was really nice. Everyone seemed to eat it.

But, it was a good amount of effort without a clear sponsor. If anyone had really loved it I'd be more inclined to make it again.

Still, I liked it! A bit more salt next time (or extra anchovies).

Chicken cooking in a skillet

March 26

Bo Ssam Quesadillas (Dinner)

With butter lettuce salad with vinaigrette

These were a hit!

The bo ssam crisped in a pan was great, everyone liked that a lot, too. This was more successful than serving with rice and lettuce (I turned the rest of the lettuce into a simple green salad).

March 27

Perfect Buttermilk Pancakes (Breakfast)

Used a spoon to scoop the flour into the measure, so the batter was a little runnier. I think it made them a bit better.

Had a few blueberries so was able to make 2 blueberry pancakes.

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March 30

Panko Fried Chicken with Lemon (Dinner)

I've cooked this 7 times before

Sheet-Pan Kielbasa With Cabbage and Beans (Dinner)

The kids and I winged the bean dressing - we used italian parsley, garlic and lemon. I wanted to use less olive oil (I think the recipe has you use too much olive oil). Was still nice, maybe could have used a bit more salt - in general, I think you can salt a dressing pretty far and have it taste nice on the salad because it gets all mixed up.

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Kale (Side)

I've cooked this 10 times before

Roasted Squash (Side)


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