adding a new cache drive to unraid

April 2023

Fixing up a VM configuration gone bad, possibly due to adding a cache drive to a new cache pool, in unRAID.

cooking summary - december

December 2022

This is a good place to leave this project.

I've been keeping track of basically everything I've cooked since March 2020. I'd dabbled in recording some interesting things before that, but I got a lot more disciplined about it as the pandemic started.

There were some good ideas, like having something to focus on in a pretty stressful situation. I didn't want to make the same recipes over and over, but I also wanted to keep track of the real hits so I wouldn't forget them.

But, I think it's spiraled out a bit, and it's lost some (all) of the fun. I don't know how to split out spots where thinking about what I've doing has helped - my scrambled eggs, cauliflower have benefited from some repetition and thoughtfulness - and where it it really hasn't - bagels? or fruit and cheese plate?

So, time for a break from this. And time to think about what I'm really going for here.

Am I trying to get and develop a list of recipes that I like? If so, some sort of a dynamic cookbook might be better, maybe backed with versio control so that I can iterate on the recipes while still seeing the history? Or, maybe a record of the high points of the month? Why am I interested in recording how often I make things; maybe thinking about what I haven't made in a while, or what my favorite recipes are?

There are things to keep doing - finding new recipes that I like, trying new techniques. It's also nice to look back on what I've done and he pictures I've taken, and this has been a nice format for that.

Playground with contrast Contrail behind lamposts

Overall I made 45 things in December.

cooking summary - november

November 2022

A discovery early this month that's been helpful - crisping the meat separately (eg without onions) before adding it to the sauce for pasta. I'd tried it previously with tacos, this time it was with pasta.

Of course Thanksgiving is the major food holiday of the year. It was quiet this year, so I didn't make as much as normal. The turkey turned out amazing, the sides (from a restaurant) were great, and I made pony pie. Which as I write this some time later, I could really really go for.

Boulder in front of blue skies

Overall I made 55 things in November.

cooking summary - october

October 2022

I was really happy with these beans. Beans in a bowl on a table

Overall I made 49 things in October.

cooking summary - september

September 2022

Some travel (outside the country for the first time in years!), but I still managed to make a good amount of stuff. Nothing particularly new, though.

Landscape from the air Gravel road in the woods

Overall I made 38 things in September.