adding a new cache drive to unraid

April 2023 / tech

A while back, I installed a new cache drive (I wanted my cache to have redundancy, also to avoid consistend warnings in unRAID), so my Windows VM stopped working. It looks like my passthrough and IOMMU settings were all dropped. In fairness, I hadn't updated unRAID in a while, so perhaps this was a bug that's since been fixed.

I tried to bring that VM back to life, but it was easier to just make a new one (I got errors on boot). So, the quick steps:

So, things to do:

  • Redo IOMMU (USB & my graphics card, my SSD was still passed through) - checking the boxes and 'bind selected to vfio at boot', then a reboot
  • Make a new Windows VM
  • Edit my Windows VM via the UI:
    • Copy over settings (CPUs to pin, memory min/max to 20480, OVMF etc)
    • Change graphics card & sound card to my RTX, and update the vbios path (/mnt/user/isos/vbios)
    • Add USB controllers to 'Other PCI Devices' (my SSD was still on the list)
  • Edit my Windows VM in XML - but, it looks like the multifunction is set appropriately - add in the UUID (copied from the other spot) and update the RTX souncard with the appropriate info and multifunction='on'

After that everything was back to normal. Of course, I had a second VM at this point, but I just ignored that (and have continued to do so).

Installing the new drive into a cache pool was really easy. I didn't take notes on that, but as always with unRAID Spaceinvader One has the goods.