cooking summary - august

August 2022

Some fun stuff I made with my in-laws that I probably wouldn't have found on my own - probably the fish tacos were the hit, but the grilled chicken and corn salad were really nice too.

I also really liked the stir-fried green beans with pork and chilis. It has coriander seeds which you crush a little, and they give the dish a great texture and flavor, and ideally the pork crisps up a bit too for the same reasons. Also it's easy!

Path with a coyote

Overall I made 41 things in August.

cooking summary - july

July 2022

Summer's here, which means tomatoes, which means bruschetta and crostini - well, at least the start of the bruschetta and crostini season. I made them a few times, but I'm sure we'll make them a bunch more (at least until tomatoes go out of seasons).

My biggest discovery was convection for roasting vegetables. I tried it with the Hasselback Potatoes, and then some roast zucchini. It really seemed to help. I'm not sure if it cooked faster, but everything got crisper.

Lake with rocks reflecting

Overall I made 41 things in July.

cooking summary - june

June 2022

June was the end of the school year, so we ended up going out a few days in a row. There's a bit of a lull mid-month.

Pebbly beach in Northern California

Overall I made 46 things in June.

cooking summary - may

May 2022

A lot of regular standbys, but one day of great new recipes - the Gai Yang and Grilled Potato Salad. Those were both great.

The Lemongrass Chicken was a nice change of pace too.

Overall I made 45 things in May.

cooking summary - april

April 2022

Overall I made 50 things in April.