cooking summary - march

March 2022

It didn't feel like a month for ambitious cooking, or really any sort of project. No real plans, just cooking food. It looks like I made a lot of potatoes?

Foggy Day at the Coast

Overall I made 34 things in March.

cooking summary - february

February 2022

I meant to continue the project I started in January, to try to make more things in advance so the evenings go more smoothly. I don't think this was a great success - my notes are just that Greek-Style Chicken and Hummus works great as leftovers. That's true, but not the coordinated effort I was hoping for.

Trail on a Hill

Overall I made 28 things in February.

cooking summary - january

January 2022

A project that I'd like to begin on: being more deliberate about my cooking so that it takes less time in the evenings. I started a bit of that this month, but I'm going to make this a bigger focus in February. Two successes, particularly the second soup:

I'm also still looking for hit recipes for when we have guests over. This months attempt was Grilled Ginger-Lime Chicken Thighs with Harissa; these won't unseat the reigning champs of Greek-Style Chicken Kebabs or Panko Chicken.

My biggest discovery was roasted zucchini. I made this a few more times - immediately, roasted a few days after that, roasted with broccoli and carrots, roasted with broccoli.

Skies over Marin

Overall I made 46 things in January.


January 2022

I've been having consistent challenges with my handwritten CSS, especially around scaling it between mobile and desktop. It was a game of wack-a-mole, where I'd get it looking right in one situation, only to find it regressed in the other.

So, I've given up on my handwritten styles, and moved to a CSS framework - specifically, to Tailwind CSS. That meant giving up on some of the styles that I'd crafted (it wasn't worth recreating them), but hopefully buying into that means I don't have to worry about some classes of problems.

cooking summary - december

December 2021

Reviewing what I've made in December, it mostly looks like a cruise towards the end of the year.

I revisited a few favorites (mostly panko related, like Panko Rockfish or Panko Pork Chops). My new recipes focused mostly on using beans from the Rancho Gordo Bean Club like bean casserole or drunken beans.

The standout new recipe was probably the short ribs, and while they weren't too hard I'm not sure I'll ever make them again.

An Old Truck Decorated with Christmas Lights

Overall I made 40 things in December.