cooking summary - september

September 2020 / cooking

Overall I made 18 things in September.

Day Breakfast Lunch Kid's Lunch Dinner Side Other
3 1 Dinner: Chicken with Scallion Dumplings
6 1 Lunch: Panzanella 1 Dinner: Hamburgers
9 1 Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken Ramen
13 1 Dinner: Pan Pizza
14 1 Dinner: Garlicky Chicken Thighs With Scallion and Lime
16 1 Lunch: Sushi Rolls 1 Dinner: Pasta & Pomarola
19 1 Dinner: Reverse Seared Steak
20 1 Lunch: Easy Italian Pasta Salad 1 Dinner: Chicken Adobo 1 Bread
22 1 Dinner: Chicken Marbella
23 1 Side: Stewed Romano Beans With Tomatoes
24 1 Dinner: Pasta & Pomarola
28 1 Dinner: Crab Hands
30 1 The Perfect Guacamole

September 3

Chicken with Scallion Dumplings (Dinner)

From Canal House volume 3, pg 66.

September 6

Panzanella (Lunch)

Made with cherry tomatoes, homemade croutons (torn bread, tossed with olive oil and salt, in a pan for a few minutes), and fresh mozzarella.

One of the best things I've ever made. Super simple, just those ingredients with dark balsamic and olive oil drizzled on top, sprinkled with salt flakes. Turned out great!

Bread toasting in a cast iron pan

Panzanella in a bowl

Hamburgers (Dinner)

September 9

Rotisserie Chicken Ramen (Dinner)

Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes, page 98.

Turned out great! Super easy, pretty delicious. Wish the ramen noodles were better (they were just some generic dried stuff from Whole Foods).

Ramen in a bowl

Ramen Egg (side)

This recipe: Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago).

September 13

Pan Pizza (Dinner)

Fine, but maybe time to take a break from the thick-crust pizzas.

The dough wasn't too much different from the other one, maybe a bit drier. I liked dotting the pizza with fresh mozzarella, that was good.

September 14

Garlicky Chicken Thighs With Scallion and Lime (Dinner)

September 16

Pasta & Pomarola (Dinner)

With Sauteed Broccoli

With pork & onion.

I put 1.5 jars of sauce in, cooked the pasta 2 minutes short (not yet al dente), and then cooked it a bit longer in the sauce. Turned out great! Except this was the sauce batch without enough salt.

I liked the sauteed broccoli. Next time maybe put the garlic in after the broccoli has been going for a few minutes? It got pretty dark.

I've cooked this just once before

Sushi Rolls (Lunch)

I've cooked this 3 times before

Sushi rolls in a metal lunch box

September 19

Reverse Seared Steak (Dinner)

I've cooked this 4 times before

September 20

Chicken Adobo (Dinner)

I've cooked this just once before

Easy Italian Pasta Salad (Lunch)


time activity
2200 mix leaven
755 mix dough (water 80°, 750g)
740 rest
1215 bench rest
1250 final rise
1620 1st loaf in
I've cooked this 8 times before

September 22

Chicken Marbella (Dinner)

I've cooked this just once before

September 23

Stewed Romano Beans With Tomatoes (Side)

September 24

Pasta & Pomarola (Dinner)

I've cooked this 2 times before

September 28

Crab Hands (Dinner)

I've cooked this 2 times before

September 30

The Perfect Guacamole

I don't think I made this recipe again, so (at least for me) the name didn't live up to my expectations.