cooking over the pandemic

October 2021 / cooking

As the shelter in place here in the Bay Area started, food became a huge focus for us (or, well, me). We couldn't go anywhere, it got harder to get ingredients, but having cooking projects kept us (again, this is probably just me) focused on trying new things where we could.

To try to keep things somewhat fresh, to avoid repeating recipes that weren't popular and to remember what my hits were, I started recording what I'd made in a spreadsheet. What's reflected as of this date is pretty much up to date, although I still have more data entry to do (I have a notebook with all of my bread bakes that I haven't entered in yet).

I have some other ideas for what to do with the data, but the first thing I wanted to do was just to get the information out of the spreadsheet and into blog posts. After some iteration, this is done! An example is September.

In the future, I hope to try some other ways to visualize the data. It'd be interesting to see how what I've made changes over the course of the shelter in place, the tentative re-openings, the kids going back to school, and all the rest of it. My sourdough making definitely peaked pretty early (look at all this flour I bought!), and these days it's a lot less, but that might be an interesting graph.

Even without that, though, I think this is still an interesting record. You can see some clear popular dishes: I've made panko pork chops 6 times so far, chicken kebabs 10 times, and hummus 19 times!

Update Oct 21: as another way to display the data, I've added an index of what I've made.