panko fish and bruschetta

September 2018 / cooking

The bruschetta is probably not authentic, but it's been something we've been making for a while. I thought the tomatoes weren't ready yet, but they turned out to be really sweet. The recipe is something like:

  • Tomatoes, with the seeds and jelly removed, inner ribs discarded, cut into rough cubes
  • Basil, rolled and sliced (chiffonade, or would that be chiffonaded?)
  • Garlic diced
  • Olive oil poured over the whole thing
  • Salt flakes

For me, having a mix of tomato colors is important. I don't think you need to worry too much about the amounts or ratios, I've found it to be forgiving. When in doubt add salt or olive oil.

As far as the panko fish, it's pretty easy, and came out well. The recipe is at The Kitchn. I've never made the slaw, just the fish.

bruschetta in a bowl next to crostini

a plate with breaded & fried fish