london broil

August 2018 / cooking

We've been doing a meat delivery (from the excellent folks at Tara Firma, coincidentally (?) close to the name of a spot we got a veggie box from for years, Terra Firma).

One of the nice parts of both veggie and meat deliveries that you get stuff you wouldn't otherwise buy, so you're always trying something new.

For today that's a London Broil, and Grilled Balsamic-Marinated London Broil with Red Onions looks good - with one modification, I wanted to cook it in the oven, so I used the broiler instructions from Marinated London Broil with Lemon and Garlic.

a large burned steak on a broiling pan

red onion slices cooking on a grill pan

Some notes:

  • The meat was blackening at the end of recommended time (7 minutes/side), but it hadn't finished cooking. I let it go a few minutes more turned down to 350°, but it went too far. Keep an eye on that next time.
  • The onions took about twice the recipe time. That may be because I didn't wait for the pan to finish heating.